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The G4 GUITAR METHOD is a complete system for learning guitar taught by dedicated trained guitar teachers and is based on over 30 years of experience.  

  • A Method That Works! - Most guitar teachers have no plan or structure. Their lessons are often improvised and untested. At G4 we have spent over 30 years developing a method that we guarantee gets results in less time. 

  • Teacher Training & Support - The average guitar teacher is usually self-taught meaning no actual teacher training. We believe teachers should practice what they preach and seek out training from their peers. G4 teachers have undergone specific training and continue to get ongoing support to ensure they are always improving.

  • No Hidden Costs - When you take lessons with your average guitar teacher they will generally ask you to buy books, sheet music etc. At G4 we supply everything you need in the form of printed material so you won't need to pay extra for lesson materials. All you need is a guitar and the desire to learn.


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